The Corridor now on Shudder

The Corridor is now available on Shudder, a sort of “Netflix for Horror”. The website Slashfilm just curated 10 Double Features out of Shudder’s roster, and included on the list was the Nova Scotia indie flick, which is equal parts horror, science fiction, and psychological thriller. Written by Josh MacDonald, directed by Evan Kelly, and starring Stephen Chambers, James Gilbert, Glen Mathews, and David Patrick Flemming, the film was a smash at the 2010 Atlantic Film Festival, and garnered critical acclaim as it made its way around the festival circuit. Ain’t It Cool News summed up the general consensus at the time in its review when it called The Corridor “one of the most terrifying new films of the year.”

As Slashfilm now observes on its website, “The Corridor is an effective chiller that feels like an adaptation of a long-lost Stephen King story… Like John Carpenter’s The Thing… the violence is brutal, clever, and lingers in the back of your brain.”

I couldn’t agree more. Highly recommended!

The Corridor is also available at Amazon.

Paul Andrew Kimball

Paul Andrew Kimball

Paul Kimball is a filmmaker and author who lives in Halifax, NS. His work includes the book The Other Side of Truth, the feature films Exit Thread, Roundabout, and The Cuckoo in the Clock, as well as documentaries for CBC, Bravo, Vision, Space, TVNZ, Knowledge, Eastlink TV, UFO TV, and SCN. He has an honours degree in history from Acadia University, and a law degree from Dalhousie University. He is a former Program Administrator of the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation, and served as President of the Nova Scotia Film and Television Producers Association and as a member of the Nova Scotia government's Film Advisory Committee. He has an abiding love for vanilla milkshakes, mysteries and Walden moments.
Paul Andrew Kimball

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