Beyond the Ropes: An Interview with WrestleCentre’s Tyler Burns

Many Nova Scotians are unfamiliar with our province’s role in wrestling history. Several big names and legends in the professional wrestling business performed in our province for decades. Major changes came about in the 1980s when the WWF (now known as WWE) began competing for the attention of a national audience, both in Canada and the United States. Before this happened, the wrestling business operated in specific territories, most of which eventually went out of business or were significantly marginalized when cable television and pay-per-view events allowed for the monopolization of the market.

While the WWE is now a global entertainment empire, local wrestling territories have made a comeback in recent years, in what are commonly known in the business as “the independents”. There is a promotion running here on the East Coast known as WrestleCentre which showcases not only local talent but big names recognized internationally among wrestling fans. As a longtime fan, I wanted to ask WrestleCentre’s creative writer and producer, Tyler Burns, a few questions. Here is our conversation.

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